In 2011, The 25 Days of Patrick were born.  Starting on December 1, Patrick shared a new Christmas themed video every day.  These videos were not created by Patrick, but rather various Youtubers and Artists.

Day 1: Christmas in Hollis

Day 2: Simpsons (No Longer Available)

Day 3: Ringo Remembers Christmas 1979

Day 4: Crappy Histmas

Day 5: A Christmas Carol

Day 6: Christmas For The Jews

Day 7: Charlie Brown Dance

Day 8: Mr. Bean Manger  (No Longer Available)

Day 9: Simpsons II (No Longer Available)

Day 10: Beatles I (John Lennon)

Day 11: Beatles II (Paul McCartney)

Day 12: Beatles III (Ringo Starr)

Day 13: Beatles IV (George Harrison)

Day 14: Festivus

Day 15: Star Wars Sleigh

Day 16: Hardrock, Coco, and Joe

Day 17: The Office (No Longer Available)

Day 18: Family Guy (No Longer Available)

Day 19: South Park Mr. Hanky

Day 20: South Park Santa and Jesus

Day 21: Farting Elves (No Longer Available)

Day 22: Mr. Bean Turkey (No Longer Available)

Day 23: A Christmas Story

Day 24: The Christmas Song

Day 25: The 3rd Annual PDMCFR

Promotional picture by Patrick Dimpsey (2011)

The true meaning of Christmas.