PDMCFR4 - 2012



The 4th Annual Patrick Dimpsey Merry Christmas Fun Run


Date: December 25, 2012

Time: 12:30 AM

25DoP: Patrick Facts

Spirit Award: Ryan Flanagan

Sprint Cup: Luke Nally

Out of State: Nathan Mollan, Luke Kopnick

PDMCFR Participant, 


It seems like just yesterday a group of eight boys set out on the very first Fun Run. Four years ago I would have never have dreamed the PDMCFR would grow to the wonderful international event it is today.  I know I could not have done it without you, thank you. But also I could not have done it without me.  So thank you, me. You're welcome me.


Well another year has past, and what a crazy year it was.  The Olympics were a hoot. Michael Phelps is still the king. NASA landed Mars Rover Curiosity on Mars. We are learning that the Red Planet isn’t weird, it’s just misunderstood. Obama won reelection in a historic presidential election against an old, white, rich guy. I voted for Jill Stein so I didn’t get what I wanted. Maybe next time Jill. JILL STEIN 2016! Also love is dead ever since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes separated. I really thought those crazy kids were going to make it.


Stuff even happened in Europe this year. The Queen of England celebrated her 60th year in power.  If she wasn’t such a stone cold fox, I think most people would claim her a dictator.  Greece has had it’s fair share of problems this year. After the country declared bankruptcy they sold the rights of their national food, gyros, to Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan’s national food is now the gyro. That may, or may not, be true. I think I read that somewhere.


Though we are all supposed to die in some unknown apocalypse a few days ago. We didn’t.  Apparently there was 7,000 more years attached to the calendar.  Thanks Mayans. That was the biggest let down since The Phantom Menace.  


Thank you again for celebrating the holiday with me.  I look forward to seeing you next year at the Patrick Dimpsey Merry Christmas Fun Run. Merry Patrick and a Happy New Year.



Patrick Dimpsey

Race Coordinator

2012 Ornament


The true meaning of Christmas.