PDMCFR5 - 2013



The 5th Annual Patrick Dimpsey Merry Christmas Fun Run


Date: December 25, 2013

Time: 12:30 AM

25DoP: Day 1-25

Spirit Award: Tim Fergus

Sprint Cup: Ryan Jorgensen

Out of State: Nathan Mollan, Luke Kopnick, Michelle Johannsen


Participant of the PDMCFR,


Thank you for attending the 5th Annual Patrick Dimpsey Merry Christmas Fun Run.  Or maybe I should say, your welcome.  You, and I, have made this the highlight of the year yet again.  Five years is quite an accomplishment and I am very proud of what the PDMCFR has grown to become.  This year was quite and exceptional one.  So let us remember all that happened in 2013. 




The biggest news of the year was that the smoking hot Kate Middleton popped out a baby. Also Miley Cyrus left the Vatican and The Pope become super famous from dancing in plastic underwear. Croatia became the 28th member of the European Union.  Finally! Russia got pelted by space rocks and North Korea conducted it’s third underground Nuclear test, which caused widespread contamination.  Classic North Korea (the Bad Korea).


On a more serious note I would like to acknowledge you.  What was created to be a self-glorifying joke has turned into the true meaning of friendship.  The fact we are able to get together at 12:30 AM on Christmas is an amazing thing.  I guarantee not many people in the world do that.  Although it is my name on the race, it represents all of us.  I would not be the person I am without all of you. For that, I am very happy you are part of my life.  


Thank you for making me the luckiest person in the world, Merry Christmas, and I look forward to the 6th Annual Patrick Dimpsey Merry Christmas Fun Run.



Patrick Dimpsey

PDMCFR Coordinator

2013 Ornament


The true meaning of Christmas.