PDMCFR6 - 2014



The 6th Annual Patrick Dimpsey Merry Christmas Fun Run


Date: December 25, 2014

Time: 12:30 AM

25DoP: Day 26-50

Spirit Award: Tim Layer

Sprint Cup: Ryan Jorgensen

Out of State: Nathan Mollan, Luke Kopnick, Nick Couillard

                      Jeremy Wilk, Emilie Willingham


Dear Friend,


Congratulations, you participated in the 6th Annual Patrick Dimpsey Merry Christmas Fun Run.  It’s hard to imagine that this event is already six years old!  It seems like just yesterday I was coming up with this crazy idea.

As another year goes into the history books, I like to reflect on all the great things that happened during it’s time.  What a year it was.  Right off the bat on January 1, Latvia officially adopted the Euro.  Wow, I’d say that would be a great year all in itself.  But wait, theres more.


Russia hosted the Winter Olympics, then Russia took Crimea as a hosting gift.  During the summer, some hackers got into the icloud and released some raunchy celebrity pics.Fortunately my nudie pictures are safely stored on a floppy disk underneath my mattress.  


Also, the Ice Bucket Challenge became a hugely successful fundraiser for The ALS Association. North Korea is still a thing. The music group, Insane Clown Posse and their hardcore fans, The Juggalos, have been deemed a loosely organized gang by the FBI. Finally, in sad news, Stephen Colbert ended his nine year run of the popular show, The Colbert Report.  He will be missed.


On a more sincere note, I would like to honestly thank each and everyone of you for watching the 25 Days of Patrick, coming out to Roselle, or running in your own town.  It truly is an amazing thing that friends can get together in the middle of the night before Christmas.  Not many people do that.  Actually, no one does that!  You have made this event a wonderful holiday tradition.  Thank you again and see you at the 7th Annual Patrick Dimpsey Merry Christmas Fun Run.




Patrick Dimpsey

Race Coordinator

2014 Ornament


The true meaning of Christmas.