PDMCFR8 - 2016



The 8th Annual Patrick Dimpsey Merry Christmas Fun Run


Date: December 25, 2016

Time: 12:30 AM

25DoP: Day 76-100

Spirit Award: Tim Fergus

Sprint Cup: Steve Krauss

Out of State: Nathan Mollan, Luke Kopnick, Mitch Brown, David Lund, Rachel Ann Hodge, Jeremy Wilk, Lacy Quinlan, Nancy Quinlan, Benji Rasky, Sadie Quinlan

Dear PDMCFR participant,


You did it!  You just participated in the 8th Annual Patrick Dimpsey Merry Christmas Fun Run. That warm feeling you have in your heart? Yeah, that is you becoming a better person. What can I say, the PDMCFR does that to people.  


If you’ve participated before: Welcome back pal! Thanks for fighting the good fight.


If this was your first PDMCFR:  What the hell took you so long.



Every year I like to review what has happened since the last PDMCFR.  However, as 2016 was a year dominated by divide, I have decided it best to forgo that section.  Instead, I’ll just quote a great man.


“Crazy world, lotta smells”

-Michael Scott


I would however like to discuss something very serious. In March, I was involved in a skiing accident. While shredding the slopes my body happened upon a tree. While my body was halted to an abrupt stop, my brain kept moving thus violently bouncing around my skull.  I believe the medical term is concussion.  In an instant, I lost most memory of that day, including 3 hours previous and 8 hours post collision.  Fortunately I was wearing a helmet otherwise the outcome could have been far worse.  I would just like to update everyone who is concerned, that I have instructed my life insurence benefactors, should I meet my untimely demise they are to use every cent to put on the most extravagant PDMCFR imaginable. Should I croak, you will be in good hands. I would also like to announce my retirement from skiing.


Another year is in the books.  I would personally like to thank each and everyone of you that attended. Since the inaugural Fun Run back in 2009, a lot of us have graduated high school, graduated college, and begun our lives as adults.  It’s nice to know that for at least one night, we can celebrate our absurd tradition. It’s nice to know that some things never change.



Patrick “The Flying Olive” Dimpsey

Race Coordinator

President of the Patrick Dimpsey Fan Club

2016 Ornament


The true meaning of Christmas.