What is the Patrick Dimpsey Merry Christmas Fun Run?

The Patrick Dimpsey Merry Christmas Fun Run, or PDMCFR, is an annual run held on Christmas Day at 12:30 AM.  In a way it is more than just a run.  Let’s start again.  The Patrick Dimpsey Merry Christmas Fun Run, or PDMCFR, is a fully immersive and incomprehensible experience.  


Where is the PDMCFR held?

The PDMCFR is held in Roselle, IL, a suburb of Chicago.  However if you live out of state, you can still participate! Just go out for a run at 12:30 AM CT on Christmas day.  You will be mailed a complimentary gift bag.  Also make sure to send Patrick a video or picture of you heading out for a run, so he can share your badassery with the world.


Why the H-E-double hockey sticks is it held the middle of the night?

The PDMCFR is not the only annual run on Christmas Day, but it is the first one held every year.  You can read more about how the PDMCFR started right here.


Why Christmas?

There were already so many Columbus Day runs.


Who is Patrick?

Patrick is a brown haired, brown eyed, red blooded, American...or so it would appear.  He is like Rudy from the major motion picture, Rudy.  Except he doesn’t play football and Sean Aston would not play him in the inevidable biopic.  For another nonsensical bio, click here.


Isn't it a little pretentious to name a run after yourself?

Isn’t it a little pretentious that I am answering my own questions as though I am being interviewed?


What are the "25 Days of Patrick"?

The 25 Days of Patrick, or #25DoP, is a month long celebration of Patrick.  It serves as the countdown to the PDMCFR.  Starting on December 1, Patrick will share a daily post with the world.  Emmy nominations forthcoming. Check out the 25DoP right here.


What is the Patrick Dimpsey Hall of Fame and how does one get inducted?

The PD Hall of Fame is a representation of the greatest participants of the PDMCFR.  Every year, the individual who demonstrates the most Christmas Spirit  will win the Patrick Dimpsey Spirit Award and own the travelling trophy for an entire year!  Wow.  Basically it is a costume contest.  Check out the winners here.


What is the Patrick Dimpsey Sprint Cup and how does one win?

The PDMCFR is meant to be a fun and inviting event.  During the run, race staff work hard to keep all the runners together at a comfortable pace.  However, some people like to run, and fast.  The Patrick Dimpsey Sprint Cup is the voluntary race portion of the fun run.  For the final straight away, runners who want to compete for sprint glory battle it out.  The winner will be given the Sprint Cup trophy for an entire year.  Check out previous winners here.


Is it necessary to name everything after yourself?

Yes.  This question must be the Patrick Dimpsey Stupid Question of the FAQ, or the PDSQotFAQ.

The true meaning of Christmas.