Following the positive reaction to 2011's "25 Day's of Patrick", Patrick decided to follow it up with a more personal touch.  Beginning on December 1, 2012, Twenty Five facts about Patrick were posted everyday leading up to Christmas.

Day 1: In utero, Patrick was not alone. At one point, the doctors listened to two heart beats. It is rumored that Patrick rezorbed his twin. That is why he has the strength of a 21 year old man and an unborn baby fetus.

Day 2: Patrick often will eat an apple, pear or banana while biking somewhere. After he is finished with his piece of fruit he will attempt to throw the core/peel into a sewer drain as he zooms by. Patrick has been successful only a number of times. He calls this game, 'Quidditch'

Day 3: Patrick is an avid researcher of history. His all time favorite moment in history is July 20, 1969. The Apollo 11 Moon Landing shows that literally anything is possible.


Day 4: The first time Patrick ever said a swear word is when he was 5ish years old. He was all alone outside next to his house. He then kicked a trash can, said "God Damn it", looked around to make sure no one heard him, and walked away.

Day 5: Patrick is known universally known for having excellent nicknames. PDimp, PDiddy, Vitamin P to name a few. For his first years of life, Patrick went by the name of Squaker, referring to his inability to talk. In more recent times, younger cousins have coined the names Scratchy Head and Uncle Pony. The relevance of these nicknames is still to be determined.

Day 6: When Patrick was 5 years old he fell off his bike and knocked out three teeth. There was blood everywhere due to the fact that the roots of the teeth literally burst through the gums. Two of the teeth were found and are still in the Dimpsey House. More importantly, Patrick learned the valuable lesson: Don't try to stop a fall with your teeth.

Day 7: In August of this year (2012), Patrick attended a presentation about the seriousness of concussions. Unfortunately, Patrick was not paying attention because earlier that day he had accidentally bashed his head into a hanging TV and was most likely concussed.

Day 8: Patrick is no longer a picky eater, but when he was young he refused to eat 5 Bean Soup. Frustrated, his father started force feeding him, shoveling large amounts of 5 Bean Soup into young Patrick's mouth. Patrick's body rejected the soup and threw it up all over the dinner table. The Dimpsey Family never had 5 Bean Soup again.

Day 9: Patrick participated in 3 years of Park District basketball. Let's just say he's no MJ. In 3 seasons Patrick scored 8 points. His single season record is...8 points. Patrick struggles with the shooting and dribbling aspect in Basketball.

Day 10: f Patrick was rank his five senses in order of effectiveness it would be the following: 1.Sight 2.Hearing 3.Touch 4.Smell 5.Taste. Patrick is not the best taster but has better then 20-20 vision. So basically he can see through walls. But whatever, no big deal.

Day 11: Patrick ran Cross Country and Track for his high school. His coach called him Dan in his Junior year. Everyone on the team thought it was hilarious and Patrick never corrected him. Patrick Dimpsey may forever be known as Dan Dempsey.

Day 12: Patrick enjoys to run now and again. He is happy to be a sub 5 miler. More importantly, Patrick has a personal best of 7:05, in the coveted Beer Mile. For those of you who don't know a Beer Mile consists of drinking four beers and running a mile. Drink, run, drink, run, drink, run, drink, run. *Please note Patrick is 21 years of age. Please enjoy responsibly.

Day 13: Four years ago today (12/13/2012) Patrick updated his (Facebook) profile picture. Photo from the Cross Country Challenge.

Day 13

Day 14: In 2010 McDonalds offered ice cream cones for 50 cents. Patrick and his friends would indulge in this offer daily. They bought ice cream so frequently that 'cones' became their own currency. For example, instead of owing someone $2 it would be converted to 4 cones. Their favorite McDonalds employee was Sheila.

Day 15: Patrick has participated on both high school and collegiate cross country teams. On select easy days, Patrick will break off from the pack, tie a shirt on around his head, and stalk his teammates. This often involves running in the woods, climbing, and hiding. He calls this 'Creature Runs'

Day 16: When Patrick was a child he had a variety of imaginary friends. Peter, Kevin Sparrow, Ayago and Apago. Ayago and Apago were trouble makers that would often get Patrick in hot water. Peter and Kevin Sparrow were just regular dudes...except imaginary.

Day 17: When Patrick was four, he tried to set a record for how long he could wear the same pair of underwear without changing. His mother discovered this attempt at personal glory when she brought him to a routine visit to the pediatrician's office. She still is in awe of how grey those once whitie tighties were. Patrick's record ended that day. Another attempt is yet to be scheduled.

Day 18: Patrick's father used to cut Patrick's hair. After his hair would grow too long, Papa Dimpsey would buzz it down with an electric trimmer. Attached would be a large guard in order to leave the hair about 1 and 1/4 inches long. So four years ago just before Christmas, Patrick was getting a hair cut. Everything was looking good and Papa was just about done finishing the around the ears, when he realized the right side on Patrick's head was too long. He then proceeded to buzz the right side hair. Unfortunately for Patrick, he had forgotten to put the guard back on the trimmer. With a fresh bald spot on the side of his head Patrick said, "This better be a good Christmas"

Day 19: Patrick attends Winona State University in Winona, Minnesota. Winona Health is the local hospital in the city. Though Patrick doesn't agree, select individuals think he looks like a lady in Winona Health advertisements. Patrick is sometimes called Winona Health Lady.

Day 19

Day 20: When Patrick was very young, he discovered a more efficient way to eat spagetti. Instead of wasting time on all that chewing, he simply swallowed it. This was a fool proof theory until Patrick went to bed and unfortunately projected vomit all over his bed and wall while still sleeping. He was found still asleep in a mess of unchewed, regurgitated pasta.

Day 21: Patrick and his friends greatly enjoy playing Wii games such as Mario Kart and James Bond. But sometimes video games just aren't enough. To make these gaming sessions more intense they bet on them. Bets can include naked snow angels and running around a house in the snow without shoes on. There is no better feeling then making your friends do something stupid.

Day 22: When Patrick goes out to eat with his parents, they are always the three youngest people in the restaurant. This may be due to the fact that they will go eat dinner at 4:00 with all the elderly. Patrick is okay with this because if the Zombie Apocalypse were to break out at dinner, he is most likely to survive. The zombies would be too preoccupied with the oldies who broke their hip in an attempt to escape.

Day 23: When Patrick, his brother ,and sister were young, they took baths together. This was some of the most traumatic experiences in Patrick's childhood. One example is when Molly, Patrick's sister, dropped a major load in tub. The three children screamed for their lives. The air -craft-carrier sized turd floated in the now contaminated bath. Their father came in and rescued them one by one. Patrick was the last one pulled from the feces infested water. His final thoughts were "Why the heck was I the last one to be pulled from the tub? I wasn't the one who can't control my bowels." This will be forever remembered as 'Molly's Code Brown.'

Day 24: Patrick and his brother, Kevin, often played VR Troopers (A not so popular TV show in the 90's). Patrick played the role of Ryan Steele and Kevin portrayed J.B. Reese. Together they thwarted the evil plans of Grimlord and his band of Skugs. One time Kevin was fighting off some pesky Skugs, who Patrick was pretending to be, and pulled Patrick's arm out of his socket. VR Troopers wasn't played so much after that.






Day 25: Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!

The true meaning of Christmas.