Patrick Dimpsey

Race Coordinator

Patrick was born on October 9, 1991 to Michel and Lauren of House Dimpsey.  Patrick grew up in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.


Patrick enjoys music, baseball, riding his bicycle, and writing synopses for bad movie ideas including, but not limited to, Bro-Throw.


Bro-Throw: Starring Adam Sandler as an aged and arrogant fratboy.  After a fight with his unrealistically hot girlfriend, Sandler, who is drunk, throws a beer can out of frustration. His throwing form isn’t great because he never learned to throw correctly.  His father neglected him as a child and never taught him how (It’s totally a flashback sequence for later in the film.) 


Any way, his throwing form is more that of shot putter.  So, when his beer can lands at the feet of the USA Olympic Throwing Coach (Dennis Quaid), who by the way is in the dumps because his star shot putter(Channing Tatum) just got injured. To make matters worse, the Olympics are only 2 weeks away. Quaid recruits the reluctant Sandler. When Sandler appears for his first practice, he is terrible.  The majority of the members of USATF team, lead by Tatum’s character, laugh at him. 

Defeated, Sandler goes to the nearest bar and begins to drink. There he meets an 800 runner (Jonah Hill) who apologizes for the rest of the teams behavior.  They become friends  After a few drinks, he returns to shot putting and is amazing.  That is when we discover that Sandler needs to be drunk to throw the shot put well. 


Training continues and Sandler catches the eye of another Olympic athlete (Amy Adams) and they began a flirty back and forth.  Although Sandler is interested, Adams doesn’t think he is relationship material.  Sandler continues to improve his shot putting skills, which means he has to continue drinking.


At the Olympics, Sandler has become the clear favorite to win the Shot Put Competition.  But the day before he is scheduled to throw he feels ill.  Doctors tell him he has liver failure and if he drinks any more, he could die.  He needs alcohol to throw well.  Devastated, he is counseled by Adams, Hill, and Quaid.  They all think he shouldn’t throw.  Sandler thinks otherwise and wants to make the USA and most importantly, his father proud. Adams who see’s a changed Sandler expresses her love and is concerned.  He promises he will only drink if he has to.


On the day of competition, Sandler stands in the throwers circle in front of a stadium of eager fans. He has already botched two throws and only has one attempt left. Bud Light Platinum in hand, he looks to the crowd and sees a man he hasn’t spoken to in years…his father!  Looking at each other as there is nothing else in the world, Sandler’s father smiles and gives him thumbs up.  That is the moment where Sandler realizes he doesn’t need alcohol to be great.  He had it inside of him all along. Putting the BLNum down.  He picks up the shot put and wins gold.  He get’s married to Amy Adams, Jonah Hill is his best man (and friend), Quaid is in attendance, Tatum, once a rival, has grown to respect him, and Sandler repairs his relationship with his father.


Tagline: "What happens when a Bro learns to throw?"



Patrick is fortunate to be surrounded with loving family and friends that indulge his strange ideas.   



Patrick peacefully passed away in a freak hot air balloon accident on October 9 2091 while celebrating his 100th birthday. 

The true meaning of Christmas.