Patrick Dimpsey Spint Cup

The Patrick Dimpsey Sprint Cup has been tradition from the inception of the Modern PDMCFR.  While the PDMCFR is not run as a race, participants are givin the opportunity to race for the Sprint Cup.  Those who choose to race will run as fast as they can for the final 550m of the PDMCFR course.  The Winner will be given the Sprint Cup Trophy and will be imortalized below.

Patrick Dimpsey

2009.  There is no runner up to Patrick

Ryan Jorgensen

2013. Jorg wins.  Must be pretty fast or something. 

Casey Fergus

2010.  A big win for Casey.  First winner who didn't name the award after themself.

Ryan Jorgensen (2)

2014.  Just kidding, that Lizard actually won.

Ryan Jorgensen (3)

2017.  Third Time is a charm

Casey Fergus (2)

2011.  The Crafty Veteran does it again!  First ever back to back winner.


Jeremy Wilk

2015. Jeremy makes PDMCFR history by becoming first to win Spirit Award and Sprint Cup




Luke Nally

2012.  What's your mile time?  Doesn't matter, cause Luke smoked the competiton.

Steve Krauss

2016. K-Klunker finally pulls away with the win.


2018.  It's a sprint.  Start fast.  Middle fast. End fast.

The true meaning of Christmas.