The 25 Days of Patrick

Starting in 2011, The 25 Days of Patrick began as the sharing of popular Christmas video clips on the days leading up to Christmas.  In 2012, it took a more personal touch as 25 facts about Patrick.  Finally in 2013, the 25DoP became what they are today.  The 25 Days of Patrick consists of homemade videos posted everyday on December 1 - 25.  These videos can include skits, songs, and general nonsense. 2011. 2012.

PDMCFR10 - 2018


Day 1: The Final 25 Days of Patrick

Day 2: A Snow Report

Day 3: Holiday Picture Repair II

Day 4: Pat Richard: Christmas Comedian

Day 5: The Ballad of Frosty

Day 6: Our Christmas Tree

Day 7: Let's Learn About Christmas XI (Wales)

Day 8: Nut King Cole

Day 9: Merry Christmas Nan and Bert II

Day 10: Christmas Diss Track

Day 11: Christmas Cookies VI

Day 12: The First Noel

Day 13: Normal Guy III

Day 14: Let's Learn About Christmas XII (We Did!!!)

Day 15: Christmas Robot Returns

Day 16: Classy Christmas Drink

Day 17: Through Spoon Eyes

Day 18: 1864

Day 19: Our Tree II

Day 20: The Legend of Christmas (feat. Tim Layer)

Day 21: Winter Solstice

Day 22: The Days of Patrick I

Day 23: The Days of Patrick II

Day 24: The Days of Patrick III

Day 25: The Patrick Dimpsey Merry Christmas Fun Run


The true meaning of Christmas.